Drip Tip

Drip tip – A substitute for the cartridge

 Even Though “Tank” and “Cartomizer” Based E-Cigarettes Have Become The Most Prevalent and Popular These Days – Many Vapers Still Swear By “Dripping” [WPMSHOT key="E-Liquid" url="http://www.bestelectroniccigreview.com/different-aspects-of-the-e-liquids/"] With Traditional Atomizers (often Low Resistance or even Bridgeless Atomizers) Topped With A Drip Tip For The Purest, Richest Vapor

Drip Tip


Electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular among users wishing to quit smoking because of the many harmful effects of smoking. The whole purpose of an electronic cigarette is to give the user a similar experience to that of smoking a traditional cigarette. An electronic cigarette now contains a cartomizer which contains the cartridge housing the [WPMSHOT key="propylene glycol" url="http://vapor-cigarettes.org/"] liquid, the cartomizer also has an atomizer which heats up the liquid in the cartridge. As the popularity of electronic cigarettes grow, more and more products evolve which help in making the whole vaping experience more convenient and fun filled. Drip tip is one such product which has evolved to give the user greater convenience in vaping an electronic cigarette.

What exactly is a drip tip?

A drip tip is essentially a mouthpiece which was designed to refill the cartridge but has become one substitute to a cartridge. A drip tip can be used in place of a cartridge. Users claim that drip tips give a more superior flavour than cartridges do and are of greater convenience to maintain than the normal cartridges. The problem with the cartridge is that the refilling process is quite cumbersome sometimes. You have to clean up the cartridge with water, dry it up, if required do some blowing and then put the new juice in the cartridge. The assembly also sometimes becomes a problem and takes away the charm out of the whole vaping experience by making the maintenance process longer. Using a drip tip is very convenient. All you will have to do is put a few drops of juice, generally 2-3 in the drip tip. The juice moves to the bridge of the atomizer and you are ready to vape in 2 easy steps. This takes away all the complex steps that would have been involved in refilling a cartridge. In addition, this improves the vaping experience by improving the flavour which the user gets with every puff. Refilling the drip tip is also very easy.

How to use a drip tip and what are its advantages?

The biggest advantage of a drip tip is its convenience. You don’t have to undergo through the cumbersome process of refilling the cartridge again and again. All you have to do is open the lid of the drip tip, as a couple of drops of juice and it is all ready to go. A drip tip is basically attached to the atomizer and is a substitute to a cartridge. You will have to add 2 drops if the atomizer is used in 3-4 if the atomizer is new. The liquid enters the drip tip and reaches the bridge of the atomizer, after which you can directly vape using a drip tip as a mouth piece. Removing the drip tip is also not necessary. Drip tip was originally designed to act as a substitute for cartridge to get a quick vape but many users now prefer to use a drip tip in place of a cartridge.


whistle tip drip tip

Drip tips, that’s right. Reading it literally makes it mean as tips for dripping, but that is not actually what it means, in fact it is nowhere close to being that!


Drip tips are a part, an accessory for an electronic cigarette. It is nothing but a mere mouth piece or an e-fluid dripper. There are a hundred brands out there that markets drip tips.  Drip tips are not electronic, nor do they involve any sophisticated work to make them, so the quality of these drip tips are pretty much the same in whichever brand you choose to buy from. A drip tip could be considered as an essential part of an electronic cigarette, the basic part where users put their mouth on to suck up the vapor.

Where to attach a drip tip ?

A drip tip is to be attached on an atomizer or a cartomizer. It sounds simple but it could be quite frustrating when users realize their drip tip does not exactly fit into their personal atomizers or cartomizers. As a result, it is always important to know where it fits your electronic cigarette’s parts perfectly. There have been and there are a lot of people who are using the drip tip loosely connected to their atomizer or cartomizer. With the drip tip fitted loosely into its respective place it does give out vapor, but it does not exactly give users the full vapor experience as how it is intended to be. Getting a drip tip is a choice that is completely worth it.

As the world of electronic cigarettes is on its course of continuous rapid evolution and the drip tips have come to existence very recently, people have not been and some people are not using drip tips. Without the use of drip tips e-fluid leakage directly into the mouth could be a minor issue. The strong e-liquid flavor leaking into the mouth is definitely a turn off while vaping. Thus, it is always logical to buy a drip tip and enjoying the vaping experience with ease and comfort.
Metal Drip Tips
There have been so many inventions and modifications in the parts of an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly customizable, meaning their parts can be changed as and however users want. Electronic cigarettes have now become a total personal object instead of what was a non-customizable plain electronic cigarette that people vaped through with minimal vaping experience yet they did not know. Today, electronic cigarettes are hot and happening. There are so many modifications, so many different brands which allows electronic cigarette users to freely choose from a variety of great products.

Are drip tips really necessary?

Yes of course, drip tips act like filters. It makes sure there is no e-fluid going into your mouth. Drip tips are hollow. The common drip tips one could find is a black colored hour glass shaped piece. The black colored hour glass shaped drip tip has almost flooded the entire market. Although it has, you can find different shaped, different colored and even in various materials if you search enough. A product is all about variety, different models and obviously different colors, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Drip tips are made in China. The materials in which you can choose from are materials such as plastic, delrin, steel or aluminum. So far from what I have seen there are only 2 shapes, the hour glassed drip tip and the compressed small hour glassed drip tip. The colors are really attractive; some are transparent, glossy, and shiny. Some are twisted and has mixed colors, it simply cannot miss one’s eye, drip tip designs and colors can be very beautiful!

The cost of a drip tip isn’t much to think about, since it is a simple hollow mouth piece, it isn’t something to think about for a very long time. If you want a drip tip? Go [WPMSHOT key="get it" url="http://www.whatis-theplan.org/v2-cigs-coupon/"].

With a lot of complaints about many drip tips not fitting into every atomizer or cartomizer, brands are now manufacturing proper standard sized drip tips that can be fitted universally into just about every atomizer or cartomizer (generally 510, 901 and KR808D-1 all are cross compatible).

The Nhaler.com Drip tip.

The Nhaler.com drip tip is pretty much like any other drip tip around. One would cost around 6 $ and two for 11 $. Frequently electronic cigarette users claim that the Nhaler’s drip tip does a good job. The brand has various colors and designs. These drip tips are shipped to your place pretty quickly. This drip tip is credited for its comfortable drip of e-liquid into the tip without having to remove the tip after pouring in some e-fluid.

Volcano E Cigs drip tip.

The volcano drip tip is also just as awesome as the others; it has a variety of colors. Drip tips are just plain hollow tubes which makes sure there’s no e-fluid entering through one’s mouth. Drip tips are also mainly used for their ‘easy to fill’ e-fluid way. Just open your e-fluid bottle and drip it directly into the drip tip while it stays connected to your atomizer or cartomizer, a few drops and you are good to go for hours together! It is one major advantage, electronic cigarette users don’t have to worry about changing electronic fluid cartridges anymore.

Besides all this, without a drip tip, the atomizer’s or the cartomizer’s hole through which you suck the vape out is really small. It does not give enough smoke out the way it is supposed to. With a drip tip it all changes, you get enough vapor to chill the day out, a nice hollow pipe and to suck on it is just great. In addition to the pleasure, getting the material, shape and color to your taste makes it much better.

If you have been smoking on atomizers and cartomizers directly, it is high time you buy a drip tip, get one and feel the difference like no other. Everything is inside your electronic cigarette, it’s all good, but to unleash the true power, you need to get a drip tip.

Super-T Drip tips.

Without a doubt, Super T makes the best! They were the ones who invented the drip tip. The latest version is the T-Tip widemouth, which features a wide opening that funnels down so the liquid hits the atty at just the right spot.

They are also the most expensive, but it's a one-time purchase. They come in delrin (plastic), aluminum, or stainless steel. IMHO, the stainless still T-tip is the best (also the most pricey, though I own 4 of them!) because the liquid won't stick to the sides while dripping, like it sometimes does with delrin.

Drip tips are resistant to extreme pressure and force so you don’t have to worry about them being short spanned, they are very durable. In fact, they are very attractive in it’s appearance too. Buying one drip tip should be enough to last for a very long time, through months and years, you never know. Drip tips can get very boring so using different colored drip tips always keeps your electronic cigarette looking fresh and awesome. Remember electronic cigarettes helps you to overcome your habit of smoking, not to start a new addiction of smoking through electronic devices.

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